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11 Signs That Life Is Getting Back to Normal Post-COVID

by Jenny Mae Wong |

It has been a long and rocky road, but in the US and some other countries, the Covid nightmare is slowly abating. It's not one of those bad dreams that ends suddenly with us jumping up in bed and within seconds forgetting what the dream was all about. It is more like a fever-induced stupor that we slowly emerge from in fits and starts. Here are some of the encouraging signs that life is finally getting back to some semblance of normal, and that the frightful images of Covid may finally be shrinking in our rearview mirror.

1. You're not constantly checking the news. Once Covid has been defeated, this is a sign that people's lives are returning to normalcy and they can turn their attention back to other things. It doesn't mean we've forgotten what happened or somehow made peace with it (or even desired such a thing), but rather that we are moving on with life! 


A family on the couch watching TV


2. You've stopped taking your medication for anxiety or depression. Being cooped up at home, especially for those who live in small apartments, has been truly damaging to the emotional health of many. Getting back out there and socializing can do wonders in a short time.


2 women wearing sun glasses while eating ice cream


3. You can go out without wearing a mask and respirator. Taking a breath of unobstructed fresh air and feeling the sunshine on your whole face sure does feel good!
Woman enjoying fresh air in a park
4. You don't get anxious when someone mentions COVID in conversation. Everything related to Covid has a more hopeful and optimistic spin since vaccines have started to be distributed to those most vulnerable. 



3 co-workers socializing


5. You're no longer afraid to touch surfaces, or to shake hands, or give loved ones a hug! Let's face it, hygiene and cleanliness are good, but having to take it to levels of extreme paranoia has to being damage to many a psyche. Go ahead, get dirty again! 



2 men happily shaking hands
6. The grocery store is not a scary place: people are smiling and talking again instead of wearing masks in silence. People have started reconnecting, and that has to be a good thing in a world where social media paints a picture of a severely fractured nation. 



A family having fun at the supermarket


7. Fans are back in stadiums, watching their favorite sports teams and cheering them on. One of those truly happy traditions for many, and one that we won't take for granted any more in the future! 



People cheering for their sports team at a stadium


8. Disney World is reopened, and adults and children alike are smiling for the camera. 



A child enjoying a ride at Disney World



9. Live music concerts are back, where the sounds of silence created by Covid are replaced with deafening the chorus from lead singers and audience members alike. 



Crowded live concert


10. You're not constantly checking to see if you have COVID symptoms or feeling stressed about possible exposure. Whatever your feelings on



A family having a gathering with grandma and grandpa


11. Your pets are, for the most part, back to normal. They have been through a lot, too! It certainly helps them and you to be able to roam the parks and streets freely again for some much-needed exercise and fresh air! 




A dog exploring nature 


    The Covid nightmare is not over but thankfully life has started to return back to normal for many. For those who are able to live without the fear of Covid crashing down on them, it's getting easier to get caught up in other things life brings once again, and slowly forget about what we've just gone through. If you're still suffering to some degree, we feel you it may take some time but hopefully soon this will go away completely! Keep your head up and keep moving forward!

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