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5 Predictions for Homebodies in 2021

by Graeme Sime myHomeBody Staff |


Cover Image by Jenny Mae Wong

It’s safe to say that most of us are eagerly forging ahead into 2021 (after spitting vitriol at 2020 as it swirled down the bowl), so we thought it a good opportunity to take a look at the tea leaves and predict what may be ahead this year. If there’s one thing that is predictable, it’s that most tumultuous, life-changing events give birth to new trends of one sort or another. So, leaving pandemic-related predictions to the experts,  let’s take a look at some of the trends that might “hit home” with the average homebody this year.

  1. Working from Home will be the new normal

So many people were forced to stay away from their workplaces due to pandemic restrictions that a full 42 percent of American’s workforce are working from home, almost doubling the 25 percent of mostly essential workers who continue to brave the traditional workplace, and still bigger than the hefty 33 percent who lost jobs, according to surveys by Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University.

Now that you’ve gotten used to the idea of skipping the commute and getting right into the workday, you may even be liking it! One thing you may have realized though, is that your home is less than optimized for full time home office duty. Some of the trends that are already underway are increased PC and notebook computer sales, as many have seen the need to upgrade. Same goes for internet upgrades, as cyber-commuters and Zoom meeting attendees want seamless performance.

Next on the list comes comfort. With so many more hours being spent parked in front of the home computer, a less-than-ergonomic chair might have you groaning with discomfort. So many are, or soon will be, investing in good quality ergonomic office chairs.

Now as the time spent in one place rises, so does the mountain of stuff that living a modern human life seems inevitably to attract. Stationary, documents, cups, food trays and more all need a place to live in order to avoid clutter, so shelving, file cabinets and storage boxes of various types and sizes are likely to be in demand.

  1. Home Entertaining for small groups levels up: Can you say “Charcuterie “?

We may have gotten used to our “real life” circle of family and friends, that is those who we are able to have physical (-ly distanced?) contact with, being smaller than it was in the good old days. But that select group is in for a treat when it’s time to gather, as all of this extra home time has likely upped the cooking and entertaining game of many a homebody. Whether it’s tried and true recipes getting a presentation upgrade, or brand new offerings mined from the ocean of online recipes, the inner circle is bound to be pleased. According to Pinterest, balla charcuterie boards are one of the trends to watch!

  1. DIY for Gifts, Decor and Fun Learning

People have reacted very differently to a very upsetting year, particularly when it comes to lockdowns. On the extremes, being forced to stay at home has led some to become overweight, lazy alcoholics, while others are more mindful, organized. and fitness- driven than ever before. Although I’ve been lucky to avoid being locked down, for reasons I explained here, I know I would have run the gamut of these extremes. On the positive side of the ledger, some have used the extra time at home to pick up a new skill while putting their hands to use for something other than eating or playing video games. Crafting offers the chance to put a handmade touch of love on gifts, home decoration, or even fun and educational projects with the kids. My crystal ball says these newfound skills will be put to good use in 2021!

  1. An Uptick in Pet Supplies

It has been widely reported that the Covid crisis and resulting homebody nation triggered a surge in pet buying, especially puppies, as lonely folks everywhere longed for some companionship that didn’t require them to wear masks or quarantine. What many will come to realize in the coming months is that these little critters are needy! Pet food, bowls, leashes, collars, toys, beds, blankets – even sweaters and those little booties some overzealous puppy parents insist on dolling up their canine kiddies with – it all adds up, and ecommerce pet suppliers are sure to cash in in 2021.

  1. Clean Beauty

The best part of not having to go into the office for some has surely been blissful realization that you don’t need to get into a corporate uniform or fuss over hair and makeup for an hour every morning before you even get out the door. Comfortable clothes and clean, healthy skin take precedence now, and new daily rituals will follow, with an emphasis on simple beauty. More comfort, better skin health and time saved – that’s a win-win-win!


These are just a few of the changes and trends put in motion for 2021 thanks to the turmoil of last year. We’ve left out a ton more, get in touch and let us know what trends you’re seeing for 2021, homebody nation!

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