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5 Things to Know Before Moving in With Your Significant Other

by Jenny Mae Wong |


Moving in with your significant other is a big step for many couples. Whether you have been dating for two weeks or two years, moving in together can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Here are five things to know before moving into your new home with the love of your life:

Find out what you're moving into

Before moving in with your significant other, it's important to know the lay of the land. Are there any roommates? What are their rules about visitors? Is smoking allowed inside or not permitted at all? These things may seem trivial now but they can make a difference down the line. For example, moving in with a smoker and having to put up with smoke inside the house might make you feel like an outsider real fast.


Man smoking hookah while woman drinking tea

Talk about money

Money is another key factor that couples need to discuss before moving in together.  It's important to decide who will be responsible for what bills. It might sound like a no-brainer, but it can get tricky when one person makes significantly more than the other or if both partners work and have significant student loans. You may also want to think about how often you intend on splitting major purchases (e.g., furniture) before you find yourself in a situation where you need to decide who will buy the couch.


Couple counting dollar bills

Take time to learn each other's quirks 

It doesn't matter how long you've been together or if this is your significant other of many years; moving in with someone can be daunting and overwhelming. It may not seem significant at first, but you'll want to find out how and how often your significant other cleans up after themselves, what temperature they like in bed, and if there's anything about their sleeping habits that drives you nuts, like snoring or “bed spreading”, where one partner tends to (unconsciously) conquer all of the bed territory during the night.


Woman can't stand man snoring

Discuss your relationship expectations moving forward

Moving in together is a step into an even more committed and serious relationship so it's important to be open with one another about what you each are looking for moving forward, including how often you want to visit family, have friends over or spend time apart. Not having these discussions can lead to bad endings for a relationship.


Family gathering at home

Discuss the moving in process

The last thing to talk about before moving in together is what you'll do on moving day and once you're settled into your new place. For example, is cooking one person's responsibility or will it be shared? Who will clean up after meals? Will there be assigned chores for each person moving forward? These are all things to figure out before moving in together.


Man chopping vegetables while woman drinking wine

So, are you ready to move in with your significant other? We hope this blog post has helped answer some of the questions that may have been running through your head. Take a look at what we’ve discussed and make sure all these points will work for you before moving forward. Remember, it's always best to be prepared so take time to learn each other’s quirks and discuss money matters as well as expectations on both sides. 

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