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7 Simple Shower Tips for Sensitive Skin

by Graeme Sime, myHomeBody Staff |

Illustrations by Charlotte Shen

If you have sensitive skin or whether you are experiencing itchy skin, tightness, redness, or dryness, here are a few tips on how you can take care of your skin in the shower.7 Simple Shower Tips for Sensitive Skin-use the right products       There are a lot of skin products and essentials out in the market in stores or online. As you are unable to try them on before buying them, it is important that you check how these products are made and the materials they’re made of. Go for gentle cleansers, shower gels, loofah or scrubs and other products that offer the same benefits as other but with less chemicals on them - get the naturally healthy products.

Some people prefer nylon mesh shower pouf / bath sponges for more gentle exfoliation and lots of sudsy lather:

 Others prefer to go the natural route with plant-based konjac sponges and loofah body scrubbers. The former are great for gentle scrubbing, especially on the face, while loofahs can provide a great but no ’scratchy body exfoliation. One caveat of using natural loofahs in the shower is that you should change them regularly, say once a month or more. This ensures they don’t build up too much bacteria over a long time. 

 Another option is a nylon-based soap saver pouch, that you can put all of your used soap bar bits in, getting more use out of them and also a vigorous scrub!

 If you like to have both soft and hard options at your bath or shower time disposal, try a dual sided washcloth with both an exfoliating side and a soft, terry-like side. Whatever your skin wants, it gets!

 Finally, look for soaps and cleansers that say “safe for sensitive skin,” “moisturizes skin,” and “hypoallergenic”.


7 Simple Shower Tips for Sensitive Skin-close the door

When showering, closing the door is an opportunity for you to give your skin the added moisture it needs. Closing the door helps build up steam in the bathroom.


7 Simple Shower Tips for Sensitive Skin-limit shower time

Dermatologists say that washing your skin for too long takes the oils away from your skin, and the same goes with showering. Too much time scrubbing and leaving soap on skin can trigger issues later.


7 Simple Shower Tips for Sensitive Skin-use liquid soap

It is advisable that you use liquid soaps if you have sensitive skin, water can easily rinse this off and does not stick to skin for too long.


Exfoliate With Products Made for Sensitive Skin

Some say that when you have sensitive skin, you need to skip scrubbing, but everything is possible these days and exfoliating products are already available for sensitive skinned individuals. Get the right tools. Choose ones that are made from a soft fabric or washcloths.

 Pat dry your skin


It is recommended for sensitive skin to avoid rubbing towels to dry after showering. Rubbing towels to your skin may be too rough and you will notice issues later on. Blot your skin gently and carefully.


Apply moisturizer to skin that is still moist

Right after patting dry your skin, you can apply moisturizer so you can keep the softness of your skin from showering. Moisturizers replace the natural oils in your skin.

 Dermatologists suggests thick moisturizers for sensitive skin, like petroleum jelly and creams.

 Sensitive skin is more delicate compared to other skin types so it needs extra care. The best option is always to make sure that you are buying naturally healthy products for your skin!


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