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9 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Home: Keep Your Living Space Organized

by Jenny Mae Wong |


Do you ever feel like your home is just too cluttered? You can't find anything, and when you want to do something as simple as cook dinner, everything seems to be in the way. Well don't worry! We have clever storage ideas for your home that will help make this space so much more organized.

Storage Baskets

One of the best ways to keep your home clutter free is by using storage baskets. These are perfect for items that can be neatly stored away and they also make a great way to organize your kitchen. If you're short on counter space, simply store some in these containers!



For those who love books but hate how cluttered the area can become, try using  bookcases. These are great because they provide storage and keep the books neatly organized to save you time looking for just the right one when it's time to read! You can even organize the books by color to add a home decor element to it!

white bookshelf

Window Shelves

For those who like their home with plenty of natural light, invest in some window shelves. Not only do these look good but also help keep your home organized by giving you a place to put items that might otherwise be on the countertops.


white window shelves

Ottoman Shelves 

If you're looking for storage that goes all around your room, try using fabulously chic ottoman shelves like these! These are great because they provide plenty of storage space without taking up floor real estate in an already crowded space.


grey ottoman storage

Clothing Rack

A clothing rack can be a great way to keep your home organized by using the space in your closet or room vertically rather than horizontally. This is perfect for those who want more storage but don't have any extra floor space!


clothing rack with wheels


Hooks are also a really good idea if you're looking for quick and easy organization around the home. Hang your hats, coats and scarves on a hook for quick storage that will look great as well!


wall self adhesive hooks

Storage Boxes

If you have lots of waste space under the bed or in cabinets, try using these nifty storage boxes from Ikea to make the most out of it all by storing items like shoes and other similarly sized pieces of clothing in these.


Under Bed Storage Container


No home is complete without a good nightstand! These are great for those who need storage and want to keep their bedside table as neat and tidy as possible, but don't have any room on it to keep items like books or phones that they might need when waking up in the morning. Just make sure you get one with storage!


nightstand with two Fabric Drawers

Closet Storage Solutions

If you love having a really neat closet but don't want to spend all your time hanging clothes, try these closet storage solutions. A drawstring pull is a great way to keep things from falling in the back of your closet while you're looking for something and custom shelves are perfect if you know exactly what items should go where!

custom storage shelves

The more people who know about the organizational hacks we’ve shared here, the less cluttered our homes will be (and that would make us all very happy). And if you want even more great advice, sign up for my newsletter.

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