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Are You a Homebody at Heart? Take this Survey

by Graeme Sime myHomeBody Staff |


 Cover Image by Jenny Mae Wong

We can forgive you if your reaction to the title of this post is something along the lines of: “Aren’t we all homebodies now?” Well, even for those unfortunately still in some form of lockdown, the answer is yes, and no. The truth is that some of us took to the stay-at-home directives better than others. I might go so far as to say that some of us concealed a secret exhilaration at the prospect of having nowhere to go, no one to see, and nothing in particular to do, for weeks, even months on end! So, how about you? Are you “outgoing” in every sense of the word? Are you antisocial and misanthropic? Or, like so many in our little community, are you just a homebody at heart? Take the simple 10 question survey below to find out!

  1. Do you do a fist pump when someone cancels plans on you? Most people find it infuriating when someone cancels on them, especially at the last minute. Some of us, however, feel nothing but relief! his is a telltale sign that you may be antisocial, a true homebody, or a little of both!
  2. Did you pray harder than any other kids you knew that school would be cancelled due to inclement weather? The homebody seed may have already been planted!
  3. Are you an expert in making excuses to get out of … going out, that are “true, but only kinda? Hmm…
  4. When meeting with friends or your partner, do you always suggest that they come to your place as opposed to vice versa, or failing that do you try to choose a place as close to home as possible?
  5. Are you on a first name basis with more than one Uber Eats driver? Hmm…
  6. Does your online life sometimes seem more real to you than your real-life life? Hmm…
  7. Do you start imagining right after lunch what you’re gonna do as soon as you get home after work/school/ an outing? Do you plan little details like what loungy outfit you’re going to wear or what pre-dinner snack you’re going to fix for yourself?
  8. Do you feel jealousy towards your pet(s) because they get to stay home all day, every day?
  9. Have you already watched more than half of the shows on Netflix’s home page?
  10. Do you experience a distinct lack of FOMO when you hear about an event your friends are attending without you?

Well folks, if you answered more than … well, one really, of these questions in the affirmative, you just might be a homebody at heart! If you answered yes to three of more, welcome to my world, homebody!


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