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Father’s Day Gifts Dads Will Actually Use!

by Jenny Mae Wong |

Fathers' Day is around the corner, homebodies, so it's time to get thoughtful about what you can give Dad this year that won't end up in the back of a dresser drawer, forgotten and lonely. Lucky for you, we have some non-bank-breaking gift ideas for Father's Day that aren't just socks! Read below for some inspiration!

For adventurous dads that like to go hiking or camping. If your dad is a homebody like us, it’s also great to hang up on a patio or a backyard to have a nap on or while reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Man sleeping on a hammock holding a guitar
BBQ Apron
Perfect for dads that love to grill or cook. This specific apron has five pockets which are perfect for spices, your phone, kitchen utensils, and also a beer or wine bottle. No need to keep going back into the kitchen while grilling to grab all the items, just put them in your pockets and go!
Man wearing BBQ apron

Meat Tenderizer
Along with the bbq apron, a meat tenderizer is a must! It will make soften the fibers making even the cheaper cuts of meat easier to chew and digest. This also helps the marinade to absorb into the meat better. Save time and have better-tasting meat all the time!


Pork on wooden board with meat tenderizer

Reusable Lunch Bag
Perfect for taking lunch to go. No need to use paper bags that break easily. This lunch bag is durable and waxed so it’s water-resistant. It has a minimal design that looks like a classic lunch bag with upgrades like partitions for drinks that can be folded away when you don’t need them. It’s also easy to roll and carry.


Reusable canvas lunch bag

Portable Cooler
Who doesn’t like a cool drink while being on an adventure? This will easily keep your beer cold while hiking so your dad can enjoy a cold refreshing beer with his friends. It doesn’t just have to be for adventures, it can also be used in sporting events or just to keep the drinks cold while chilling in your backyard to not have to keep going back in.


cans in cooler with ice

Beard Care Kit
This one’s for fathers with beards. Help keep his beard tame by getting him a beard care kit. Most come with a beard brush, comb, leave-in conditioner, balm, oils, and more! This will definitely make their beard look fuller, even, and luscious.


Beard grooming gift set kit

Memory Foam Seat Cushion
What’s a better gift than comfort? Most of us are sitting the whole day so here’s a way to keep your butt from being sore. He can use it while working, watching TV, reading, or even while driving.


Memory foam seat cushion with hand print

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