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Gifts for Homebodies: 15 Last-Minute Shopping Ideas for Under $15

by Graeme Sime, myHomeBody Staff |

 If you’re like me, you’re a homebody. The more you can accomplish from the comfort of your throw-blanket on the sofa, the better. If you’re like me, you also tend to leave gift shopping to the very last minute, every year, despite the tremendous leaps technology has made to the convenience of shopping right from said sofa.

With regards to being a homebody, I have a nagging suspicion that vast majority of people have joined my team in the last year. And if you’re unfortunate to also be like me in the procrastination department, I have some good news – there’s still time!

The juggernaut that is Amazon is kicking its holiday delivery machine into full gear, and those with Prime memberships can dilly dally all the way up to December 20 and still (probably) get their gifts delivered before Santa lands in your fireplace with a thud and a grunt. But I wouldn’t recommend it. 2020, in addition to being the year of covid, has also become, by way of trickle down effects, the year where even my Mom has gotten into the habit of shopping online. So play it safe and avoid crying kids, wives and fathers in law by getting those last few symbols of your love and generosity on their way pronto!

Personally, if I’m going to give a gift, I want it to be something that can actually have some value in the life of the receiver. That means choosing things with practical application – something you’ll use in your daily life, something that will spruce up your space (and make you think of and appreciate me!), or something that will aid you in your no-doubt never-ending quest to improve and educate yourself or your kids.

So here are a few last-minute addon, stocking-stuffing gift ideas, mostly under $15, thrown out into the ether with love and good wishes for an extra special, warm and fuzzy holiday for you and all of your peeps!


  1. Bath Sponges: Because not bathing becomes just wrong after about 3 days, and the vast majority of us do it daily, so - it's the definition of a pragmatic gift, and it actually adds pleasure to a daily ritual!
    1. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Kids Toothbrushes: Because kids are more morally upright than us and they actually believe they can fix the world - who am I to dampen that spirit?
  2. Kids Microscope Set: Because my kid wanted a Nintendo and I got him this instead. Hey buddy, you know how I always tell you don't stare at the TV up close? Well now you can look at stuff REAL close, and learn something while you're at it!? 
  3. Natural, Vegan Konjac beauty Sponges: Because I always struggle painfully to seem the thoughtful gift-giver to my special someone, and these cover every base! Natural, effective, gentle, ecofriendly, and they'll make her skin EVEN more beautiful.
  4. Books: Because duh, reading is good, and kids can't be staring at screens all day. Illustrated books are a great compromise for less-than-eager little readers, and mine absolutely loved this one (I got him part 2 and 3 for Xmas - shhhh!) 
  5. Silly Games: because what kid doesn't like thinking of gross things to eat? And quality interaction time. 
  6. Toys that use your brain: Because Tiktok is NOT educational!
  7. Toys that use your body: Because mind and body health are inextricably tied, so might as well keep them both moving! The added bonus of this one is that it provides a healthy release of the anger and frustration of not getting what you REALLY wanted for Christmas!  
  8. Decorative Candle Lanterns: Because what is Christmas decor if it's not the warm flickering glow of fire, no matter how big or small.  
  9. Socks: Because it's cold out there, and because face it, you rarely think to buy them for yourself!  Winter Thermal Socks with Grippers, Hissox Unisex Thick Warm Insulated Heated Crew Slipper Socks for Cold Weather
  10. Plants: Because they are a decoration, a life-form, and an air purifier - and these ones are hard for even me to kill!  
  11. Garlic Press: Because who doesn't like garlic, and who wants that stank on their fingers all evening? And because ... well, I need one! Just send that one my way.  
  12. Soap dish: Another item that is often needed but seldom though of! This one's natural bamboo, so its ecofriendly too!  
  13. Spices: Because..Christmas + lockdown = more time to cook ...and!  
  14. Something for Fido: Because after all, the holidays are a time of love and inclusion .. it wouldn't be right to leave your faithful pal out of the fun!
  15. Something Yummy and Festive and Nostalgic: Finally, what stocking is complete without a tasty, Christmassy chocolate treat or two? Oh, I miss you, Charlie Brown. Peanuts Christmas Candy Chocolate Variety Pack | 1.75oz 5-Bar Snoopy Gourmet Holiday Snack Bars | Charlie Brown Gifts for ...

And as we sign off, let me ask just one gift from you homebodies - give someone a little love this season, in any way you can - it's the gift that no one can have too much of, and we all need it now. Spread it around, don't be Scroogy with it. Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays. and Merry Christmas to all of the homebodies out there! Peace.

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