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Homebody Decor: Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Space!

by Graeme Sime myHomeBody Staff |



by Jenny Mae Wong and Graeme Sime

Homebodies come in all shapes and sizes, and are bound together merely by the common predilection to stay at home as much as possible. One way to separate homebodies into different camps is by ambition. I’m referring to ambition strictly as it relates to the home we all love to nest in.

Some homebodies are near obsessive about fixing, renovating, improving, decorating, cleaning, organizing and beautifying their homes. It’s a lifestyle, an identity,  and a source of pride. These homebodies don’t need the tips we’re about to share, because they already most likely have subscriptions to Home & Garden and any number of other magazines and home improvement blogs. They’ve already ingested enough information to make them relative experts in home décor.

I, on the other hand, belong to the other camp. Our camp is busy with life, and would prefer our homes to be completely autonomous and self-sufficient cleaning to decorating themselves, even reordering milk and restocking the fridge as required.

Alas, my home is not decorating itself; and I do want my home to be comfortable, livable, even attractive, given how much time I spend there. I just want to accomplish this with least possible effort. This desire inspired us to think about some home décor tips that can help the rest of us, the “can’t be bothered” homebodies, to get the most bang for our effort and bucks. So check out below some easy, peasy ways to spruce up your abode with little effort and time!

  1. Pillow Talk

One of the easiest & cheapest way to style a home is with pillows. You can buy affordable plain inserts & buy different pillow cases to match the decor or season or new color palettes to try. Arrange them in groups of 3 of different sizes & textures for an eclectic look.

 different textured and pattern pillows on a bed

  1. Rule of Three

Style in groups of 3 for everything. This makes a great triangular/diagonal look when using one a large scale, a medium scale & a small scale. With pillows/shelves/mantel,  etc. Different sizes, color & texture.

 A plant, a basket, a candle

  1. On the Level

Ever wondered how to hang wall art / a picture for best effect? Me too! Experts suggest hanging artwork so that the midpoint of the picture is at around 57 inches (average eye height) from the floor. This creates a more natural inclination to look at it.


Photographs and paintings on top of a desk 

  1. Patterns

Try to have a big scale pattern then mix in smaller patterns to balance out the look. The easiest way to incorporate pattern is a big patterned rug or big wall paper pattern. Examples for pattern grouping: geometric pattern mixed with floral pattern & a solid color. Make sure they’re not fighting against each other.

 checkered rug with beige sofa, green plants and navy painted walls

  1. Balance is Everything

Don’t only decorate one part of the room. Have a great touch of balance by bringing in different elements that kind of match each other but aren’t exactly the same.


Balanced living room 

  1. Scale

Measure your space. Pick items that are perfect for your ceiling height and size of your room in comparison to your furniture.


Couple measuring the wall 

  1. Color

Can be done in a monochromatic way. Example: using all green but different shades of green. All similar but contrasting to create layers.

Or use a neutral palette with pops of color. Use multiple pops of the same color in different shades or complimentary colors.

 Light beige walls, dark beige curtains, wooden floor with pops of green plants

  1. Cohesive home

It’s hard to put the same amount of effort in each room, but try to aim for a general level of cohesion that can thematically unify your home and distinguish it from the next home on the block. Working within the same color palette will help even out color and style around your home, and will balance out the entire look of your space. Bedrooms can be an exception, or rooms you can close doors to.

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