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Homebody Valentines: How to Share the Love on Lockdown

by Jenny Mae Wong |



A lot of couples are challenged by the pandemic. Being together in quarantine is a little different than being together when both people are going to work, because they’re pretty much together 24-7, which has been something we just weren’t accustomed to before.

You get to learn more about each other. Some are even thinking it’s a good time to get pregnant, as they get to spend more time with their kids.

On the other hand, we all know that sometimes our worst traits are unleashed onto the ones we love the most and spend the most time with. The line between love and hate can be a fine one, believe it or not – so having some tools in your belt to maintain a healthy romance is a great thing! If you can get through this lockdown together, you’ll probably get through just about anything!

What You Can Do:

- Accept that the situation is hard. Accepting the new normal can make you lower the demands you put on yourself & your partner.

- Make time for just being together. You should set a time to do something together, the primary purpose of which is to give you a chance to bond and communicate. Play some cards or a board game, and leave the devices alone for a while!

- Try new things together – pursue a new hobby, like cooking, baking, painting, etc.

- For keeping the romance alive, our sexuality is also strongly influenced by how we feel about ourselves; so doing sports and exercise together, sticking to a healthy diet (food CAN be both healthy and delicious!), and getting all dressed up for dinner at home are great ideas.

- Make future plans together, share your dreams – like where to travel after the pandemic ends!

- Give each other space. Having some alone time to focus on your own wants and needs can help to relieve the stresses of life in lockdown. You should let each other know when and how you want to spend some time alone.

- Work on communication. Set some ground rules you can both live with, and always maintain respect for each other.

- Create a housekeeping plan. This gives everyone the chance to contribute to the day-to-day running of the house. So, think about chores, cooking, and the essentials that need doing, and come to an agreement that’s acceptable to you both.

- Get creative! Wine & dine your partner, make a challenging dish. Make some DIY crafty gift for your lover – what better way to show you care?

- Keep in touch with people regularly as it’s common for people to feel isolated and lonely during lockdown. Communication is an essential part of a healthy relationship.


How have you been keeping your romance alive and well during these challenging times? Share the love by leaving a comment!

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