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How to Beat the Heat in 2021: 10 Tips

by Jenny Mae Wong |


North America, especially the Pacific northwest, has been in the grip of an unprecedented heat wave. What’s been labeled as a heat dome has settled over the region, blanketing it in hot air and pushing temperatures into the 100s in many areas. Mllions of people are on edge as they brace themselves against what feels like an impending disaster – how do you beat the heat when the weatherman is predicting temps well above 100F? Read On!

Wear Loose Clothing

Clothing will absorb some of your sweat. Loose attire is a great way to deal with the heat because it won’t restrict the flow of air around you and therefore won’t trap as much heat. Moreover, loose clothing will give you room for airflow; however, it may not be practical or even possible to dress in such a manner outdoors while working.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps to cool your body temperature down because the water transfers heat away from your skin. You should stay hydrated especially if you are planning on being outdoors for extended periods of time – drink plenty of water in the morning.

Eat Light Meals

Lighter meals are not only better for cooling your body down but they also won’t make you feel lethargic. If you eat heavy fried foods and sugary sweets, it will make you sweat more and the heat will become even harder to handle. Eat fruits instead of carbs – frozen grapes can provide a great cool-down!

Run The Fan And Ac Simultaneously

On a super hot day, you can turn the air conditioner and fan on at the same time. These two appliances work together to cool your home down quickly while also circulating the air around it so that you don’t suffocate in the comforts of your own living space!

Clean Your Ac Filter Regularly

A clean filter will circulate air more freely. This means that your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool down the house. Moreover, a clogged AC filter can send out hot air rather than cold air.

Find A Cooler Room

If you can, try to sleep in a cooler room. Heat rises so it is best to sleep on the ground floor of your house; moreover, if you have a basement where you can also sleep – that’s even better. The lower level of the home stays significantly cooler than higher ones.

Close Your Curtains

Glaring sunlight can make things uncomfortably hot real quick. Make sure you close your curtains and blinds so that sunlight doesn't build heat and turn your living space into an oven!

Eat Something Spicy

A common trick in Asian countries is to eat spicy food; eating this type of fare can actually make you sweat more which will help you beat the heat. A side benefit is that it also helps cool your body down because when you sweat, you are releasing waste from your body. This is also a way of detoxing your body

Take Cold Showers

Cold showers are not just for people with hot tempers – some Asian countries actually turn their shower heads to ice cold when they want to cool off. In the middle of the summer, you can do this as well! Cold water will lower your overall body temperature so that you can better deal with the heat.

Drink Alcohol

Believe it or not, alcohol has the power to help you beat the heat! It might not be the most appropriate way to keep cool but if it worked for our ancestors, why couldn’t it work for us? Alcohol can induce sweating so even if you just down a few beers in the middle of summer, you will start producing more sweat!

Get A Cooling Mat

If you cannot afford to invest in a home AC, consider getting an ice-cold cooling mat! These devices are designed to help cool your body temperature down when it gets too hot. You just lay the mat on top and it will prevent heat from building up inside of your body so that you remain fresher for longer.

Don’t Dry Hair After Taking A Shower

It can be tempting to dry your hair after taking a shower but it is actually much better to let the water continue to drip off of your body.

Freeze Fruits For Smoothies

If you are making smoothies and slushies to stay hydrated, make sure that you add some frozen strawberries or blueberries for the extra cooling effect.

DIY Cold Compress with Rice And Water

If you are desperate and you don’t have a cold compress, you can make one at home with some rice and water. All you need to do is get a plastic bag (best if it can seal), fill it up with rice, and pour in some water. You should then tie the top of the bag so that the rice does not come out. Toss a couple in the freezer and you’ll thank us later!

Stay Cool, Homebodies!

Well, homebodies, the heat has been getting to us all, but you can win the battle with these easy tips. Whether it’s having an AC installed, buying a cooling mat, or trying out one of the many other tips above, you should be able to beat the heat in summertime.

Which tip is your favorite? What are some other ways to beat the heat in summer? Let us know below!

 We hope that our list will help you stay cool and refreshed this summer!  

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