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How to Make Your Own Ecofriendly Designer Bags

by Charlotte Shen |

The process video is on our Instagram 



What You Need

  1. EVA Foam
  2. Wooden Block
  3. Printable animal shape template
  4. Acrylic paint(your favourite colours)
  5. Paint Brushes
  6. Plain White canvas tote bag
  7. Hot-melt adhesive
  8. Colour palette


  1. Cut out your animal shapes from your EVA Foam
  2. Stick the animal shapes on the wooden block by using hot-melt adhesive - voila, you have a stamp!
  3. Put your acrylic paint on the colour palette
  4. Apply colors to the animal shaped EVA foam cutouts with a paint brush
  5. Stamp your white canvas tote bag
  6. Complete!

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