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How to make your own Fashion Jewelry Hangers!

by Charlotte Shen |

The process video is on our Instagram 
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What You Need
  1. DAS Ceramic clay(at least 2 colours) 100g or 500g packs
  2. Screw-in Hooks
  3. Ink Tube from a pen
  4. 25x8x1 cm Wooden board(optional)
  5. Rolling pin
  6. Knife (plastic or ceramic is preferable if kids are involved) Cookie cutters could work well) for cutting shapes
  7. DAS transparent protective glossy finish
  8. Nail
  9. Anything you want to hang on the hanger


  1. Take out your ceramic clay
  2. Combine pieces of color A and B - press together with your hands
  3. Roll them out with the rolling pin to create uniques color combo patterns!
  4. Cut the clay into your desired shape
  5. Use the pen refill tube to make a hole for the nail that will attach your hanger to the wall or wooden board
  6. Screw the hooks into your clay shapes. Leave overnight to dry and harden completely.
  7. Pin them on the wooden board( or the wall) Done!

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