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Is a Candle Just a Candle? (Why Buy MyHomeBody Aromatherapy Candles?)

by Graeme Sime, myHomeBody Staff |

Illustrations by Charlotte Shen

When it comes to candles as a product category, it’s a very crowded marketplace out there.

People have asked me, why should I buy one of your Luxury Scented Natural Soy Aromatherapy Candles with 100% Essential Oils by Myhomebody, instead of one of the thousands of cheaper options available out there on sites like

The answer is quite simple, but difficult to fully convey: quality ingredients and unique design.

Many inexperienced candle lovers tend to judge a candle, and make subsequent purchasing decisions, based on 3 main criteria: looks, size and smell.

In the looks department, we are humbly confident that our elegant design with real dried florals pressed onto the inner glass container is inarguably special. Take a look and we think you’ll agree. From the candle itself to the tasteful wooden lid that doubles as a base when burning the candle, to the lovely gift-quality packaging, we happily contend that this eye-pleasing candle stands out!

It’s when we get to the other two criteria that we find some common misconceptions about what constitutes quality and value for money.

First, regarding size, shoppers can be forgiven for assuming that bigger is better, and that if two candles compare at the same price, the larger one must present greater value for your hard-earned dollars. But this is not necessarily the case. The vast majority of the cost that goes into making candles is not rooted in the amount of material used or the size of the vessel, but rather the quality of the ingredients that go into it. Our candles use only pure natural soy wax, which is plant based, vegan, and not adulterated or cut with paraffin or any other filller that would render it less healthy or ecofriendly. It’s much more expensive to make candles this way, but we feel it’s worth it.

This leads us to the final criteria used by many to evaluate candles’ value: smell. Not only how pleasing the particular aroma is, but specifically we hear people judging candles based on the “throw”, that is how powerfully the fragrance is spread throughout the space where it’s lit. Of course we can agree it’s nice to have something that can overwhelm the unwanted odors that may be making themselves at home in your space, like pets, cigarettes, mustiness etc., but did you know that if you’ve happened upon a candle that can cover odors like this effectively, it’s almost 100% certain that it uses chemical fragrance oils that can be harmful to your health?

I’m here to tell you that candles should not be your go to option for either covering odors or spreading fragrance throughout the house. There are many more effective ways to accomplish this – try some of these methods instead! A true aromatherapy candle with real, natural essential oils, is intended to introduce a pleasant yet subtle aroma into the small space you’ve chosen to use it in – in the bath, an office or meditation area, or in the bedroom (please don’t go to sleep with the candle still burning!). Most importantly, it’s intended to augment your health rather than harm it!

The real, high quality essential oils we are referring to, and the ones that go into our candles, are VERY expensive. It’s understandable then, that some consumers might shy away from shelling out twice the money for a candle that may look essentially the same as the one next to it on a web page, but we think, for those who can afford it, the peace of mind that comes from burning only high quality candle ingredients is definitely worth it! One idea we are contemplating for future versions of our candle, is giving consumers choice with regard to essential oils content and, subsequently, price. Where our current candle uses 5% oils and gives off a wonderfully subtle aroma in smaller spaces, perhaps you’ll be able to choose 10% essential oils or even higher in the future. This way you’ll have the ability to select a strength and price point that suits you!

For more useful information on aromatherapy candles from an unbiased source, check out this article. Another great resource for candles and related information is:… the site for candle lovers! Find helpful and entertaining scented candle reviews, special candle sales, a candle shopping directory, candle decor tips, interesting candle articles and more. Enter our contest for a chance to win FREE candles!

Our mission at MyHomeBody is to offer only high quality products that pay close attention to real value – the value you get from the best materials and ingredients to help you have a healthier, happier and more organized home. Stay tuned homebodies, we are only going to get better from here!

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