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The Wonderfully Microscopic World of Activated Charcoal

by Graeme Sime, myHomeBody Staff |

Did you ever wonder what the big deal was about activated charcoal? Sometimes referred to as activated carbon people have gone beyond the long established practices of water and air filtration and purification; they're putting it in their lemonade and swallowing capsules of it, and even throwing logs of it in their bathtubs!

So what's the deal with this stuff? Does activated charcoal even work? If so, why?

What is it doing in and on my body, exactly?

Well, that's just what we are about to explore! So let's jump in, and learn about the Wonderfully Microscopic World of Activated Charcoal!


  First of all, much of what people are saying about activated charcoal, sometimes referred to as activated carbon, are true. AC does in fact have properties that can be beneficial to human health.

The most celebrated use of AC has seen it saving countless lives of people who have (accidentally or otherwise) ingested toxic substances into their body. Doctors in many cases choose to have patients ingest AC instead of inducing vomiting. This is because a) some substances may cause damage coming back up, and b) it's just more effective at alleviating the effects of some toxins.

But what about some more everyday ways that activated charcoal is being utilized?

Well, the most popular surely is using fine activated charcoal powder as a teeth whitener. Dip your toothbrush in and brush away those stains!



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