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Tips for New Homebody Moms in 2021

by Jenny Mae Wong |


by Jenny Mae Wong

One of the most special groups of homebodies are those who are home caring for their newborn babies. With Covid lockdowns prevalent over the last year, new moms have in many cases extended the post partum baby and self-care period indefinitely. While this period of your life can be a wonderful and thing, having so much time to bond with your little one, it can also leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips that new moms can keep in mind to help this special time go more smoothly.

  1. Don’t buy all of your newborn clothes new. They will literally grow out of them within weeks, There are always second-hand clothes for babies that are barely used. Also, don’t buy newborn shoes, they’re just a waste - just put them in socks.


  1. Keep meals stockpiled! If you’d rather relax & watch or read than spending all your free time cooking your meals, then cook big batches and freeze portions for later. Another option is to get meals delivered especially now that there are endless delivery apps out there.


  1. Invest in a good swaddle. Your baby will feel safe and secure as she’s adjusting to life outside of the womb with a good swaddle. This will make your baby less easily startled and will less likely wake up in their sleep.


  1. When your baby’s crying, stay calm. If you get frazzled or stressed, your baby will feel that & cry even more. If your baby doesn’t appear to be sick, reassure your baby that they’re safe and that it’s okay to cry.


  1. Keep a bedtime snack for your night feeds nearby. Something that’s not loud so as not to startle your baby. Also make sure you have water by your bedside.


  1. Don’t worry about baby acne or bald spots, they will heal. Ask your doctor or experienced mothers that you trust instead of driving yourself nuts googling everything!


  1. Join groups online for mothers. There are a lot of groups dedicated for mothers on Facebook where you can get and give helpful tips. An even better group would be for mothers designated for your area. You will get to know where to get things in your area plus plan playgroups nearby where you live, and more.


  1. Create your own routine & your own rules while following your instinct. For example, some babies sleep better, making them sleep for a full 12 hours when they have a late bedtime while some don’t.


The most important tip is to let people help!

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