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What Does a July 4th BBQ Need?

by Jenny Mae Wong |



July 4th not only marks the birth of what would become the most impactful nation on Earth, it is also the iconic summer celebration. Gathering with family and friends out doors with plenty of cold beers, frisbees, some water to splash around in, and of course, food! The quintessential American July 4th cookout may have evolved in many directions over the years, but traditionally includes BBQ burgers, hot dogs, sausages, steak, ribs, veggie skewers and all the sides to go with it!

But you may be asking “What do I need to get my July 4th BBQ celebration well and truly on?” We’re here to point out some of the essentials!  Whether you want to grill some burgers, chicken, steak or corn on the cob this Fourth of July, we have everything you need!


  1. Spice it Up! You wouldn’t want to serve bland food but buying a bunch of spices and making different mixes are just too much of a hassle. That’s why you need FreshJax Organic Spice Set. It has five different spice mixes in a set (we recommend the grilling set!). It has Peppered Habanero for those who want a bit of a kick, Fresh Bay, perfect for seafood, potatoes, and chicken. Grillmaster goes great on burgers, veggies, pasta, and kebabs. Citrus Pepper is the choice for those who like a more refreshing taste and smokey southwest - that just goes well with everything!

 bbq spices

  1. Stick It! Are you still using wooden sticks? Not only are they only used once (wasteful), they also burn in the grill plus you have to soak them in water for at least 30 minutes. You got to have metal skewers. We recommend the flat metal barbeque skewers from LANNEY. The sets come in different sizes and are flat which is important since this prevents food from spinning.

 steel grilling skewers



  1. Get a Grip! You’re also going to need heavy-duty grilling tongs. These ones are from Mountain Grillers. They come in 12 and 16 inches, perfect for staying away from the fire. You can now grill with confidence knowing no more burnt arm hair!. Since you get two color-coded tongs, you can use one for the raw meat and the other for serving meat that is ready to eat.

 grilling tongs



  1. Wash and Dry Your Hands! Towels are a must when cooking and grilling, for wiping hands dry after washing. myHomeBody’s towels are super soft and absorbent. The towels come with a hoop for easy hanging. It has a minimal design that fits every area of the house and feels luxuriously soft and gentle on the hand. They are made from high-quality bamboo charcoal fiber with cotton trim and coconut shell button.

 hand towels for kitchenhand towels for kitchen redhand towels for kitchen gray




  1. Smoke It! If you like the smoky taste of smoldering wood when you eat barbecue (and most do), you’re going to need this item. This is a smoker tube from LizzQ, and it’s a gamechanger for giving everything you cook an extra smoky layer of sophistication. It comes with a silicone mitt and a silicone basting brush plus an eBook for grilling recipes. You can use any wood pellets that you like and can be used for any grill (gas, electric, or charcoal. It can produce smoke for up to five hours which is perfect for both hot and cold smoking meat, fish, cheese, nuts, vegetables, and more.

 pellet smoker


  1. Look the part! You’ve got to have an apron while you’re grilling so you don’t get stains on your clothes, and also so you can have all of your grill weapons at the ready. myHomeBody’s Grill Master Apron is made from durable, washable high-quality cotton canvas fabric. It fits almost all sizes as it has adjustable straps with an easy fastening clip. This apron has FIVE pockets. Three across the chest for your phone and spices, two holster pockets for beer or sauce bottles, and a sturdy front strap for hanging hand towels, tongs, and more.

bbq apron for men


  1. Keep it Clean! Don’t spend an hour trying to clean your grill. Get a grill brush, this one is the GrillArt Stainless Steel Grill Cleaner from Weetlee. This "brush" has no wire bristles at all, no melting like nylon grill brushes. You’ll be surprised how much faster your clean-up time will be with this. It is more flexible so that it can get to those hard-to-clean edges of your gas, charcoal, smoker, or any other types of grills.

 grill brush

  1. Safety First! Do you know how to always get the perfect doneness of meat? By using a meat thermometer, you don’t need to poke and guess how done your beef, chicken, pork, and more are. No more overcooked or undercooked food! This meat thermometer is from Kizen. It is durable and waterproof so it can be washed under running water.

meat thermometer


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