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Konjac Sponge Set for Gentle Facial Cleansing and Exfoliation, Teardrop Shape, Ecofriendly Natural Vegan Wash Sponge, 4 Pieces

myHomeBody Natural Konjac Facial Sponges - for Gentle Face Cleansing and Exfoliation Welcome to the world of 100% Natural Konjac Facial Sponges by myHomeBody! Originally used by the Japanese to wash babies? delicate skin, this 4 piece pack will deliver safe and effective cleansing and ultra gentle exfoliation for your one of a kind face! Use for gentle face exfoliating or to remove the last bits of makeup, oil, dirt and grime after your skin?s long day facing the elements! With Natural Active Ingredients Added: Activated Bamboo Charcoal (2) -Bamboo Charcoal Is A Great Natural Cleanser and Purifier. It Is Used for Everything from Water Filtration To Teeth Whitening And Skin Products, for Its Ability To Adhere To Unwanted Particles And Remove Them Safely. Aloe Vera (2) - Aloe Vera Is One of The Oldest Studied Plants, Used by The Ancient Chinese And Egyptians For Its Abilities to Treat Burns and Wounds. With Over 200 Active Compounds, Aloe Vera Is Great Not Only for Soothing and Hydrating Your Skin, But Also for Helping Your Skin to Absorb More Nutrients! myHomeBody tries to avoid plastic as much as possible. Our packaging for these konjac sponges is 99% plastic-free - we wrap individual sponges in a thin film to preserve freshness and hygiene. The carton is partially recycled and 100% recyclable kraft paper.