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square wash cloth with cotton inside
Rolled gray washcloth
square washcloth
three wash cloth in bathroom sink
square towel two sides one gray and one white
three square towels
edge of square towel
woman in a bathtub holding folded square towel

Dual Texture Bamboo Fiber Soft and Exfoliating Washcloth 3 Layer Construction with Activated Charcoal, 3 Pack

What To Love:
  • Gentle Effective Exfoliation Cloth! 2 Sides, 2 Textures!
  • 1 Side Sweeps Away Dead Skin Cells, Revealing Fresh New Glowing Skin.       
  • 1 Side Gives You a Soft Gentle Caress, Perfect for Face and Sensitive Skin.
  • 3 Layer Construction = Better Quality Than Competitors! The Extra Layer provides Extra Grip and Durability when handling in the shower - Quality Sewing, Stitching Means Longer Useful Life - You and your loved ones will Feel the Difference! High-Quality Fabric, Professional Workmanship + Extra Layer Material = A Better Quality Exfoliation Cloth!
  • The exfoliating side is made from high-quality PE nylon, - and it is also recyclable.
  • The soft bamboo cotton side is made from 100% sustainable bamboo.
  • The Exfoliation Cloth will sweep away dead skin cells and reveal fresh new glowing skin. It also helps to prevent acne, even skin tone and boost circulation.
How to Use:
  • Prepare Your Skin for After Shower Skin Care Regimen, Put Your Skin Care Lotions and Creams on Fresh New Glowing Skin!
  • Use it with your favorite soap or shower gel, or without if you want a bit of a harder scrub! If you apply skincare products after a shower, they will absorb into your skin better after exfoliating.