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Hair Towel Wrap | Luxury Anti-Frizz Rapid-Dry Hair-Drying Turban | Ultra Soft and Quick Drying Absorbent Charcoal Fiber, with Coconut Shell Button – 2 Pack - Gray

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Product Description

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myHomeBody Ultra-Soft, Absorbent Bamboo Hair Towels and Wraps

Welcome to Sustainable Luxury for Your Hair!

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Sustainable Luxury for Your Hair!

Fast-Drying, Absorbent - Won't Damage Hair!

No More Frizzy Hair! Towels made from Bamboo Fabric are masters in water retention - you can dry your hair more thoroughly and quickly.

Ultra-Soft Luxury for Your Hair!

Bamboo fabric has a luxuriously soft, fluffy feel, and gets even softer with every washing!

Healthier for You and your Planet!

Synthetic microfiber products are petroleum-based fabrics actually shed particles of plastic-like material that flows into water systems. If it’s getting into the wash, what about your hair?

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Original Hair Wrap Snug-fit Wrap with Elastic Large Hair Drying Towel
Size Regular - 23.4" x 17.6” Small - 18.4" x 11.2” Large - 36.8" x19.2"
Material 100% Bamboo 100% Bamboo 100% Bamboo
Features 1 Coconut Shell Button 2 Coconut Shell Buttons, Elastic for Snug Fit Flat Rectangle shape, Not Fitted

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  • ✔️Fights Frizziness! Absorbent bamboo fabric dries your hair gently and fast, less time under the blow dryer = less damage to hair! ✔️ Ultra-Soft! Luxuriously Soft and Fluffy Natural Bamboo fabric
  • ✔️Lightweight - Bamboo hair drying wraps won’t weigh you down like a regular bath towel – no more bobble-head syndrome! ✔️Quick Drying! Absorbent Bamboo Fabric Dries your hair Gently and Fast. Check our video to see for yourself!
  • ✔️Suitable for All Hair Types, Including Long and Thick Hair
  • ✔️Natural Material from Bamboo Fiber, with Coconut Shell Button ✔️SIZE: 23.4" x 17.6” ✔️2 PACK
  • ✔️We Care about Your Satisfaction! myHomeBody wants to be a brand you trust! Buy with confidence knowing that If You're not Satisfied, We'll Make it Right - Reach Out to Us!