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image of soap pockets in a mini laundry bag
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Reusable Makeup Remover Pads | Ultra-Soft and Gentle, Effective Makeup Wipes | Sustainable Bamboo Cotton Rounds 12 Piece Set with Laundry Bag

What To Love:
  • This myHomeBody Makeup Remover Pads Set includes:12 Soft Bamboo Pads (100% high quality extra-soft Bamboo fiber) │ A 100% Cotton Mesh Laundry/Storage/Travel Bag │ Machine washable in laundry bag at 100° to 140°.
  • Large 4” Size: Large surface area to get more done with a single pad! myHomeBody Makeup Remover Pads are compact enough to take everywhere you go - to the gym, office or on trips!
  • Soft, Luxurious Bamboo Cotton Rounds! - Gentler than disposable cotton rounds! Soft pads are great for sensitive skin, such as areas near the eyes. Suitable for all skin types! Sustainable bamboo grows faster than cotton, with less water, can be cut like grass and keep growing, = good for the environment! Wallet friendly + Earth friendly = Double friendly!
  • ECONOMICAL: Most people who use disposable cotton rounds will use 4-5 pads per day – at about $.03 per piece, you can expect to spend about $50 per year. These myHomeBody Makeup Remover Pads will serve you for the whole year or more at a fraction of the cost of disposable pads! Reusable and come with a handy laundry bag. Using washable and reusable makeup pads reduces waste, good for the environment!
  • Convenient to Use Finger Pocket Design: Check out our unique “finger pocket” design, which lets you handle the pad more easily to apply pressure and get to those hard to reach areas.